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It’s well known that a portion of what thrift shops don’t sell in their stores is sold instead to salvage dealers, who buy and sell used clothing by the pound, passing through several middlemen who collect, ship and distribute the clothes to markets around the world. It’s a $1 billion business that has grown tenfold over the past three decades, according to the United Nations. Canada’s $174 million share of the business goes mostly to India, Pakistan and various African countries..

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Save % is a function of many different factors. For example in the second Rutgers we gave up 4/5? Fast break goals off turnovers etc. Goalie did not have a chance. I am a huge well wisher of West Indian cricket and so are thousands of other cricket fans. But, this kind of behavior is appalling and doesn’t reflect the so called ‘Gentleman Spirit’ of the game. Rowdy behavior has no place in any sport.